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Taughannock District e-Mail Addresses - Taughannock District Organization Chart 
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TompkinsCortlandScouts.org e-Mail Addresses

District e-Mail Announcements list

All District units should have at least one adult (if not all) subscribed to the Taughannock Announce e-mail list. The list is used for announcements of District meetings and activities, as well as special time-sensitive announcements. If a meeting has to be canceled or moved, the change will be sent out through Taughannock Announce. 

Taughannock District Facebook Group

IFacebook Group for Taughannock District - Baden Powell Council.  The link is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TaughannockBSA/ 

District Organization Chart

District "Key Three"

District Program Committees


Web page - Advancement 
Generic e-mail address (forwards to entire committee):


Michelle Lake (Advancement Chair) 607-591-2410 mlake@twcny.rr.com 
Jery Stedinger 607 -257-8016 jrs5@cornell.edu 
Doug Blakely 607 -564-0467 dblakely@ithaca.edu 
Tim Nord 607-266-0429 nord@ithaca.edu 
Ben Brown 607 -347-4922 blb3@cornell.edu 


Generic e-mail address: alumni@TompkinsCortlandScouts.org


Liam Murphy 607-272-4526 liamgbmurphy@twcny.rr.com 
Members Jim Graney 607 -347-4302 jgraney@twcny.rr.com 
Kevin Thompson 607 -753-1545 kcsathompson@hotmail.com 
Dave Gross 607-844-4237 gdgross@frontiernet.net 
Harry Weldon 607-844-9255 hldw18@frontier.com 
Norm Wheeler 607-257-7375 new@lightlink.com 

CAPS - Camping, Activities, Program and Service

Generic e-mail address: CAPS@TCScouts.org or Activity@TCScouts.org 

Web pages: Camping - Activities 


Chair:  Kathlene Gross 607-844-4237 kegross@frontiernet.net 
Boy Scout:  Brian O'Donnell 607-227-2360 info@abawards.com
Cub Scout: Lynn Green 607 -257-4191 mac_green@msn.com 
OA Rep: Tim Woods 607-844-3921 wwwoodsw@earthlink.net 
OA Chapter Chief: Richard Moore
Camp Barton Camp Director (ex officio): Rue Keagle  ruekeagle@gmail.com 

Mike Homrighaus 607-756-2650 mhomrigh@twcny.rr.com 


Web Page: Finance


Finance Chair: Marc Stammer 607-277-8233 StammerM@corning.com 
Family FOS: (vacant)
Community FOS: Steven Muka 607-756-8961 stevecortland@yahoo.com 
Popcorn: Chris Decker 607-756-2219 gdecker001@twcny.rr.com 

John Poli 607-749-5251
Beverly Baker 607-272-2537 bb@bbtravel.com 
Michael May 607-345-1846
Jay True 607-273-7511 jay@trueinsurance.com 

Membership and Publicity

Publicity Sub-group - generic e-mail address: news@TompkinsCortlandScouts.org

Jim Graney 607 -347-4302 jgraney@twcny.rr.com 
Lee Stepp 607-327-1887 ljstepp2001@yahoo.com 

Membership sub-group - generic e-mail address: membership@TompkinsCortlandScouts.org 

Cory Eckstrom 607-591-5919 coryecks@aol.com 
Karyn Marion 607-330-0568 kmari_623@hotmail.com 
Rick Burt 607-591-5650 rickyb24@yahoo.com 
Kathleen MacKenzie 607-539-7514 kelleymackenzie@mac.com

Website, Yahoo Group (Taughannock Announce) and Facebook Group: Mike Brown 607 -844-8584 DC@TCScouts.org 

Religious Life

Michael Stoll 607 -753-9277 mikefstoll@gmail.com 
Helen Schultz 607 -842-6409 leroyschultz@frontier.com 
LeRoy Schultz 607 -842-6409 leroyschultz@frontier.com 


Training Sub-Group

Web page: Training

Generic e-mail address: training@TompkinsCortlandScouts.org

Jane Converse (Training Chair through January 2017) 844-3550 - janeconver@aol.com 
Jery Stedinger (Training Chair after January 2017) 607-257-8016 jrs5@cornell.edu 
Michael Kazarinoff 607-257-1551 mnk1@cornell.edu 
Clay Converse 607-844-3550 clayconverse@frontiernet.net 
Sheldon Craig 607-273-3846 scraigpk@msn.com 

Recognition Sub-Group

Web page: Unit Recognition - Adult Recognition

Generic e-mail address: recognition@TompkinsCortlandScouts.org

Kathlene Gross (Recognition Chair) 607 -844-4237 kegross@frontiernet.net 

General / Emeritus / Members-at-Large

Thomas Ruane 607 -257-1632 truane1148@aol.com 
John Schule 607-423-2309 jschuhle@twcny.rr.com 
Brian Wilbur 607-277-2404 bwilbur1@twcny.rr.com 
Donna Marks 607-756-5863 dmarks@cortlandschools.org 

Baden-Powell Council e-Mail Addresses

For contact information for Baden-Powell Council see these pages: Council Office and Staff 

All council generic e-mail addresses @bpcouncil.org are inoperable until further notice. 

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