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This, our current District Scrapbook page, covers district events in 2017 or later.

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Sea Scout Ship 25's newest Quartermaster
Callie Kaplan Wright
March 11, 2017

Congratulations to Callie Kaplan-Wright, from Sea Scout Ship 25, in earning Quartermaster - Sea Scouting's highest rank, and one earned by very few Sea Scouts nationwide. The ceremony was held at the Trumansburg Conservatory on Saturday, March 11th. A Land Ship was set up, and the ceremony took place on its deck.

Callie and the Quartermaster certificate.

Commodore Jim Graney congratulates Callie on her new Quartermaster rank.

S.S.S. Spear's Skipper, Ed Plesnar.

Commodore Jim Graney congratulates Callie on her new Quartermaster rank.

Callie's father, Bill Wright, says a few words...

Gene Little from the Coast Guard Auxiliary presents a letter to Callie at the QM ceremony.

Commodore Jim Graney boards the Land Ship, with four ceremonial Side Boys.

Evan Graney explains the meaning of the Quartermaster rank.

Commodore (and former District Chair) Jim Graney conducted the QM ceremony.

Sea Scout pipes dignitaries on board the Land Ship.

The meeting opened with a flag ceremony, as the flag was raised on the stern of the Land Ship.

S.S.S. Spear's Skipper, Ed Plesnar.

Council Recognition Dinner
February 25, 2017

Congratulations to the 2016 class of Silver Beaver recipients, along with all the other volunteers who received awards at the Baden-Powell Council Recognition Dinner on Saturday, February 25th. The Silver Beaver award is the highest award granted by a Council to an outstanding Scouter. This year's recipients were Michael Hughes, Fran Bialy, Eileen Mulcahy and Chris Wilkinson. Peter Graney, Alex Powers, Kevin Thompson and Andrew Thompson received the Venturing Leadership Award. The Baden-Powell Council, and the Taughannock and Chenango Districts received Gold status in the 2016 Journey to Excellence (Hiawatha was Silver and Delahanna was Bronze).

Cubs from Pack 155 opened the dinner with a flag ceremony

Council Commissioner Don Perkins

Council VP for Properties Mike Kazarinoff

Council President Kevin McKeown

Council Executive Rick Christ

Council VP for Program Mary Ann Wilcox

Council VP for Outdoor Adventure Bernie McDermott

Peter Graney and Alex Powers received the Venturing Leadership Award, as did Andrew and Kevin Thompson

Silver Beaver Chris Wilkinson

Silver Beaver Eileen Mulcahy and Silver Buffalo Mark Kreibel

Silver Beaver Fran Bialy

Silver Beaver Mike Hughes, Taughnnock District Vice-Chair

Cub Associate Stacy Hall

Commissioners and leaders from the Taughannock District 

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Winter Camporee - January 21, 2017

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